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Nick Ros
Nick Ros Horses

Nick Ros

Nick is internationaal Eventing ruiter en de trainer van het Jack Link's Eventing Team. Tevens teamlid in het International Team

Nick Ros Horses

Laura Trivulzio
Jack Link's

Laura Trivulzio

Laura is de Marketing Director EMEA
Jack Link's, Bifi, Peperami
Ze rijdt ook Eventing.

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PR Hodde AlphaMotions

Paul Robbert Hodde

Paul Robbert is de webmaster van Jack Link's Eventing. Hij is actief in de hippische wereld als videograaf / filmmaker.

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Ons Manifest

Jack Link’s Eventing heeft als doel promotie, ontwikkeling en doorstroming van de Nederlandse Eventingsport.

Wherever you are going, we want you to get there.
It’s the journey that counts.
You pick the challenges, we provide the energy and the fun.
It’s not about winning the Olympics.
It is about your everyday wins.
How do we know? We are on that journey as well.
And we will be there to feed your journey ahead
with long-lasting protein fuelled energy.
Because we know the journey is long.
Because we believe in determination, enjoyment and team spirit.
Because we know it’s worth it.
Because we never give up.
You never give up.